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What is a Geomorphology?

Geomorphology is a science which investigates the landforms of the earth. Also included are the forms on the land surface, the mountains, valleys, slopes, river beds and dunes, for example, and the submarine forms on the sea floor, such as coastal mud flats, coral reefs and submarine canyons.
Frank Ahnert, Introduction to Geomorphology, 1996
There is no question that geomorphology is a science of fundamental importance. We inhabit, indeed all life evolved at a dynamic interface between a rocky planetary surface and its atmosphere and hydrosphere...
Victor R. Baker, Introduction: Regional Landform Analysis, Geomorphology from Space

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The Czech Association of Geomorphologists (CAG) is the first organization of geomorphologists in the Czech Republic. CAG was founded in 1988 as the Geomorphological Commission by the Physical Geography section of the Czech Geographical Society.
At present, about 50 geomorphologists are registered in CAG. In the last five years international colloquiums and excursions to interesting localities have been organized by regional groups. There are groups at universities in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and Olomouc. The Institute of Geonics of the Academy of Sciences in Brno and the Czech Geological Survey participate, too.
The last colloquium was organized by the Department of Geography at Palackého University in Olomouc.

Czech geomorphologists cooperate mainly with colleagues from Slovakia and Poland but they look for new contacts all the time.

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